unamaThe United Nation Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) was given the task of organizing the Presidential Election in Afghanistan on October 9, 2004. Prior to these elections, a comprehensive registration program had to be evolved for all Afghans of voting age. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) was given the responsibility of conducting out-of-country voting and registration (OCRV) on behalf of UNAMA. The IOM mission in Pakistan selected Hajvairy Group in the support Providers role to accomplish this challenging mission. The Hajvairy Group was an established Group with a time-tested reputation to deliver its services in Procurement Management, Inventory Management,

In only two and a half months, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), with the help of Hajvairy Group, organized a successful Out-of-Country Registration and Voting (OCRV) Program for the Afghan Presidential Election in Pakistan. Despite Numerous logistical and politicalchallenges, 590,732 Afghan refugees were given the opportunity to cast their ballot in person on 9 October in Pakistan. This was to become the largest external voting program ever organized for a post-conflict society.  

IOM-OCRV headquarters was based in Islamabad, with three Regional Offices iomin Peshawar and Quetta, Pakistan. In August, four field offices were established under the Regional OfficePeshawar: Abbottabad, Peshawar, Mardan and Kohat. Three field offices were established under the Regional Office Quetta: Dalbandin,rQuetta Urban and Quetta Rural. In addition, an eighth stand-alone field office was established in September in Islamabad. Over a Period of less than two weeks, 11,706 registration and polling staff were ecruited in Pakistan, and 8,252 polling staff were recruited in Iran. Similarly, in less than a week, all of these staff was trained in technical procedures. In Pakistan, voter registration was organized over four days commencing on 1 October and ending on 4 October. A total of 1,657 registration stations in 630 centers were set up in the eight field offices. An equal numbers of stations were created for women as for men. A total of 737,976 Afghans registered over the four days, of which 28% were women. OCRV AFGHANISNTAN was a successful operation that was able to register 737,976 Afghan voters in Pakistan.        

In only 79 days, a massive and complex operation was unfolded which included the contracting and training of almost 21,000 staff and the opening of thousands of registration and polling facilities. All of this was accomplished while managing a challenging security environment.

Throughout the registration and election process, Hajvairy Group’s team had to react to sudden changes in circumstances and immediate demands for equipment. It was an incredibly difficult mission in its scope and if the service provider had not functioned in this manner and skill, it could have easily failed.                 

Hajvairy Group team showed high standards of initiative and operations handling a challenging task with ease and comfort. Hajvairy Group showed that with a professional team of honest and dedicated people, no matter how big the task is, it can be achieved.