Hajvairy Group masters in designing efficient projects and has been involved since its establishment in various parts of Pakistan, Canada, Iran, Afghanistan in the following locations:

Construction Activities around the World
50 Hectares Township Kashan.
Community Center Isfahan.
Super Market Montreal Canada.
Construction Activities in Pakistan
Officers Mess GHQ.
Gilgit Memorial GHQ.
Widow's Apartment GHQ.
Rest House GHQ.
National Agricultural Research Centers.
MCB Blue Area, Islamabad.
AIC Housing Society Rawalpindi.
T.B Hospital, Rawalpindi.
Mosque for NARC.
Senior Staff Houses, Q.A University, Islamabad.
Student Hostels, Q.A University, Islamabad.
Shopping Arcade and Godowns Shakar Garh.
Sugar Factory (Architectural).
Pakistan Housing Authority, Project I-11, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Construction Activities in Afghanistan
The group has been bidding on construction projects in Afghanistan since last three years in following projects.
ANA Brigade Facility all over Afghanistan
Darul-Aman Project
Rehabilitation of Northern Power Distribution System
Housing Project
Infrastructure projects
Nishtar Kidney Centre Jalalabad
Jinnah Hospital – Kabul
Allam Iqbal Faculty of Arts-Kabul
Sir Syed Post Graduate Science Faculty Block Nangarhar University