Hajvairy Group has successfully completed the different projects in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan listed below:

Construction Activities in Pakistan
Mangla Labor Camp and Admin Building 1960-62
Construction of Overhead Tanks, University of Peshawar 1970-75
Construction of Corn Complex Fauji Foundation, Jhangeria 1974-75
Construction of Islamabad Hospital, Phase-II 1977-84
Construction of Hajvairy Plaza, Islamabad 1982-84
United Plaza, Islamabad 1987-88
National Police Foundation 1987
Hajj Complex 1989
Spanish Embassy Chancery 1993
Spanish Embassy (Main) 1994
Beverly Center Jinnah Avenue 1990-1996
Capital Trade Center, F-10, Islamabad1995-96
Sheikh Hospital, F-10, Islamabad 1994-95
Construction Activities in Iran
Civic Center And Shopping Complex, Tehran
Underground Parking and Road Junctions, Tehran
Revolving Restaurant Caspian Beach, Tehran
Construction Activities in Afghanistan
Township and Community Center, Qum