TauqirIt is always my pleasure to receive visitors to our website. The website will give the visitors not only an insight into what we are and what we do but how we have evolved over the years into what we are today. We have been in business for 40 years and since then we have excelled in many fields and stand as a pioneer among a few.       

My strong belief is that the mind and the abilities given to human beings should not be wasted and everyone must strive to do the optimum and the best in their capacity to reach the skies and experience the height of their perpetual learning process. Our achievements have been based on the time-tested principles of loyalty, commitment and discipline within our ranks and the effective utilization of the experience learnt and resources developed.

I would strongly suggest to our visitors to go through some of the references posted on the download section to learn more about us, our expertise and capabilities.          

We welcome your feedback to our website and always invite suggestions for further improvements and enhancing our capabilities with time.       

We hope that it was useful and we look forward serving you in future.        

Best regards,
Tauqir Sultan Awan
Chairman/ CEO
Hajvairy Associates (Pvt) Ltd